Pravnik Nos. 5-6/2015

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Number 3-4/2015
Suspensive Effect of Merger Review in Slovenia
Pravnik, Ljubljana 2015, Vol. 70 (132), Nos. 3-4, pp. 213-232
UDC: 347.72.04:346.546(497.4)

The article consists of a very detailed presentation and analysis of the suspensive effect of merger review in Slovenia, whereby the author underscores numerous important concepts, crucial for a coherent process of control over concentrations. The article also unveils certain specifics regarding the legislative history of the Prevention of restriction of competition Act (PRCA-1) and critically dissects its particular sections that are without appropriate parallels in comparative legislation. Special attention is reserved for the analysis of Articles 44 and 44 of the PRCA-1. The author presents an important interpretation of the said articles whereby the acquirer of control is allowed to exercise rights arising from a concentration if the exercise results in the status before the concentration.